Site news

17th February 2004
The subscriptions to the announcements newsletter are now held in a database. This allows us to manage the list better and allows us to send personalised mails.

December 2003
In the last months we have made major changes to the website - most of which are not really visible at first glance. Here is a quick summary of the highlights:

  • Moved to our own Virtual server with full root access.
  • Teachers, Trainers and groups are managed in a database, which should allow us to react faster to new information.
  • New style partially implemented on the newer pages.

July 2001

Finally found a PHP guest book which looks reasonably good without having to rewrite. Added to the community page and to the main navigation bar.
Added a link collector for providing a Yahoo like structure. Does not look very good at the moment but we will try it out for a while before spending more time configuring the tool.
Minor updates to the Teachers list.

Still TODO:

Database support for the teachers list. This would allow you to add and modify your own information.
Adding events without the need to register. Unregistered events are visible but can only be edited by us. If you want to edit then you need to register. Usefull for occational postings.
Redesign the start page so that less information is displayed - confusing. Search page should provide short overview of all information.


Additional wishes? Just send us a mail or post it in our guestbook or on one of the forums.