Irish Dancing related materials

Celtic / Irish / Scottish Music CD's

The best source in Germany for Irish and Celtic music is currently Ohrwashl Records. They have quite literally everything which is remotely Irish. They get many new CD's in each month only some of which make it to their Web page. Alina is herself an Irish Dancer and will gladly help with any queries. In addition most of the catalogue companies listed below also provide a small selection of CD's.


Irish Dancing shoes

There are currently no suppliers of Irish Dancing shoes in Germany (that we know of). The best solution is to order directly from Ireland or England. The disadvantage is that the postage can be prohibitive for small numbers of shoes. At least one web site in Germany offers shoes at what we believe to be very high prices. Check with the suppliers below directly for their current prices and possible bulk discounts.

IRD Tip: Ask the shoe supplier to translate the German shoe size to an Irish Shoe size for you, unless you have shoes from the same manufacturer to use as reference.

IRD Tip: If the shoes that you have ordered do not fit you may be able to find a buyer in your area by Posting to our Forum (for free).

    Fays Shoe manufacturing (Dublin): (http://www.fays-shoes.com)
    Fays produce very high quality shoes at a (for German standards) acceptable price. Shoes that do not fit can be returned. The soles are stitched to the upper shoe allowing the shoes to be stretched at your local shoe repair shop if they are slightly too small.

    Pacelli Shoes (London): (http://www.antoniopacelli.com)
    The shoes from Pacelli are also of a high quality. The soles of the shoes that we have seen so far are glued making stretching difficult, however Pacelli supplies shoes in different widths. Very acceptable prices. In addition to shoes Pacelli also offers jewellery and other dancing equipment. Online ordering possible.

IRD Tip: Many of our dancers ordered Super Flexi Jig shoes with suede soles. These are extremely soft and do not need to be worn in. The drawback is however that now after a year of use the shoes have become wider and no longer fit properly. A profi dancer would change shoes each year, but we would expect to use our shoes for many years. Our advice therefore - do not order jig shoes with suede soles unless you are prepared to buy new shoes in the next year or so.

Bodhrán and other musical instruments

We recently took a Bodhrán course with Rolf Wagels and where introduced to the musicians form of Irish Step. Most Bodhráns in use in Germany are either the all round / beginner Bodhráns from Waltons in Dublin which are preferred because of their good quality and relatively affordable price (about DM120), or the profi Bodhráns from Brendan White (choice of many sizes, single or double skin, tuneable or fixed tone ...) which are used by the 'real' musicians. A good quality Brendan White can cost you anything between DM 220 and DM 700 but it is money well spent.

    Brendan White tuneable Bodhráns (http://www.bodhran.nl)
    Brendan has a close connection to Germany, with many of his drums in use here by musicians. He is a regular visitor to events such as Gaelfest where you can try out the Bodhráns before buying.

    McLaughlin's Irish Shop (www.irish-mailorder.de)
    McLaughlin’s have everything you would expect from an Irish Shop with centres in Bremen, Hamburg and Köln. They have specialised in mail order - ask for their catalogue. They sell the cheaper Waltons Bodhrán, as well as instruction videos and books.

    Kieffer's Musik (www.kieffers.de)
    This is a mail order music catalogue which has both Walton’s and White Bodhráns on sale.

    The Bodhrán (http://www.ceolas.org/instruments/bodhran/bodhran.html)
    This site is a must for all those wanting to find out more about this instrument

Instruction Videos

This section is still under construction. This is the 'first cut'.


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