Irish Dancing links

No website would be complete without the ubiquitous links page. Usually an excuse to list all of those web pages that could be interesting for a few people, but just don't fit anywhere else on the site. We don't really maintain this as there are numerous web sites out there with huge link lists which are much more up to date.

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Celtic Cafe

Celtic Cafe is for many the first stop for information about just about anything irish.


Links to the various shows

A good start for information about Irish Dancing world wide is Celtic Cafe: www.celticcafe.com. They have tour dates for all of the shows, including some that we did not know existed, and have lots of inside information on everybody of importance in the dancing scene.

The rest of the links are a little old, but should still work.

Irish Set Dancing and Set Dancers

It is difficult to draw a clean line between Set Dancing and Traditional Irish Dancing, but our emphasis is on the Traditional Irish Dancing and there are a large number of active dancers out there who are more able to provide you with up-to-date information about the Set Dancing scene.

  • Set Dancing: http://www.setdancing.de
    Andrea and Henning provide information about Irish Set and Céilí Dancing in central Europe (links also in other German speaking countries). Check out their workshop calendar for details of what is happening where.
  • Ceili: http://www.ceili.de
    Nicole provides information about various forms of Irish dance (particularly Erlangen area and Southern Germany).

Scottish Set and Country Dancing

  • Celtic Circle: http://www.celtic-circle.de
    Primarily information about Scottish Set dancing. Very easy to find the nearest dance group by clicking on maps of Europe.

Deutsche Irische Gesellschaften (DIG's)

The Deutsch Irische Gesellschaften are often the driving forces behind many of the Irish cultural events which take place in Germany organising events such as the St. Patricks day parade in Munich and the countless music and dance workshops and concerts throughout Germany.

Ireland General Interest

  • Irland DE: http://www.irland.de
    This site provides a diverse selection of information about Ireland to German speakers. It is also possible to sign up for the monthly newsletter which provides assorted information about everything from Irish house prices and flight information to the plight of the Irish Boarder Collies.
  • Johanna Leine: http://sites.inka.de/leine/irland.htm
    Johanna has a large number of links to web sites in and about Ireland.
  • Ceolas: http://www.ceolas.org/ceolas.html
    This must be one of the largest collections about Irish Music on the internet at the moment. Irish Dancing unfortunately only gets divided into Ceili and Set Dancing, but dancing is not one of their strong points!

Irish Dancing suppliers

  • Irish Dancing shoe manufactures are listed here.
  • Bodhrán and Musical instrument suppliers are listed here.
  • Irish Music suppliers are listed here.

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