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Protection against spam mails

Please note that you need javascript enabled to be able to click on mail addresses listed on this site!

The increased visibility of our various web sites is on the one side tremendous when we see that people all over the world are viewing the sites, on the other hand we are being increasingly "searched" by mail search engines. These spiders have the sole purpose of picking up mail addresses from web sites so that these can be sold to marketing companies selling products and services that none of us need or want! Within the last years we have been absolutely swamped with such spam mails, and we have now decided to actively defend ourselves against this "attack".

We have developed a few tricks which hopefully will make the stealing of our mail addresses much more difficult. These mechanisms however may have side effects when using links to mail addresses contained within this site.

We maintain a list of providers who we consider "reasonably" trustworthy. If you use a provider that we do not know, your browser will need to have javascript enabled in order that you can click on mail links.

You can test your browser by clicking on the following link: 
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