Irish Dancing Teachers and Trainers

- Irish dancing teachers

This is a list of the Irish Dancing trainers actively teaching Irish Dancing in Germany. We have heavily restricted the list to only those trainers with recognised Irish Dancing qualifications and to those with extensive Irish Dancing teaching experience. These teachers give regular classes in both soft and hard shoes and are recognised within the Irish Dancing community for their maintainance of high standards.

To avoid repeating ourselves you can assume that all of the Teachers have regular classes in their area during the Week and give Workshops on weekends. Most trainers are very mobile, therefore don't despair if there is no one in your area. If you can organise a few people and a studio, contact the teacher nearest to you. It is normally possible to organise something. All of the teachers have their own troupe of dancers who often can be hired for special occasions or shows.

- Other groups and studios offering irish dancing

Since irish dancing started to take off in mainland europe around 1990 there has been an increasing number of trainers who, though they may not have "all ireland" and "world titles", have never the less embraced the irish dance culture. The trainers and studios are usually supported either by one of the local teachers or bring in teachers from outside. Not all offer soft and hard shoe training, and few if any of these trainers are allowed to enter their dancers into competitions without external help.

- Irish dancing groups and performers

Outside the english speaking irish dancing countries there is a clear tendency towards performances rather than competitions. Most groups are an integral part of a dance school, however not all have their own trainer. Bear in mind that the groups listed here may range from a troup of semi profesional performers to a hand full of carnival dancers. Most of the groups however can be arranged for performances. If you would like to talk to someone about arranging dancers don't hesitate to contact us. We will try to find a group close to you which fits your requirements.

Uncategorised trainers

We have only incomplete information about the following teachers and trainers. Please contact us if you can provide us with additional information.

Other studios and trainers

In the past years there has been an increase in the number of "Riverdance" classes which have turned out to be American Tap to Irish Music. The availability of training videos has made it possible for some American Tap instructors to "jump on the Irish Dance bandwagon" without really understanding the culture behind Irish Dancing.

We have only very little information about the following studios. Use with caution. Always ask who is giving the lessons, and from whom they learned to dance. If in doubt contact us. If you have experience with studios offering "Riverdance" lessons we would be very interested to hear your thoughts (and not to forget the Riverdance Aerobics!).